July 8, 2015


Q.  How does this exam prep course differ from the other project management training courses promoted at university and colleges?

A.  The other project management course offerings focus on project management principles at an introductory and intermediate level with some reference material from the PMBOK.  This exam prep course is aimed at those prospective PMP/CAPM students that have the fundamentals but now need to delve into the PMBOK at a detailed level so as to be able to successfully answer the certification exam questions.

Q.  Who is this course aimed at?

A.  This 36 hour course is aimed at the following audiences:

  • Experienced project managers who now wish to achieve formal certification
  • Team leaders and members who want to better contribute to project success within their organization by applying PMBOK methodology
  • Project sponsors and stakeholders who see project management methodology a key success factor in project management

Q.  Does this course qualify as the necessary PMI educational contact hours?

A.  Yes absolutely.  Whether you are pursuing the PMP or CAPM, this course satisfies the educational component.

Q.  Briefly explain the format of the course.

A.  This course will re-emphasize the ten knowledge areas, forty-seven processes, and five process groups to equip you with a better understanding of the PMBOK.   Not only will you strengthen your understanding of project management fundamentals, process inputs/outputs and tools and techniques, you will also be exposed to a number of proven study and exam-writing strategies.   In addition, you will enjoy the benefit of networking with classmates who share your goal of excellence in project management leadership.

Q.  Could you provide some tips on how to approach the PMI exam?

A.  Yes of course.  Try watching this video: PMP Exam Tips

Q.  What guarantees can you offer?

A.  Our first time pass rate exceeds 95%. If in the event that you fail to pass, you can take the next scheduled course again for free.  The only provision for this guarantee is that you write your PMI exam within 7 to 10 days after course completion.

Q.  What does this course cover?

A. The course covers the following:

  1. An overview of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 5th edition
  2. Emphasis on assigned readings from the PMBOK and textbook
  3. Review of the five Project Management Process Groups integrated into each of the ten Knowledge Areas
  4. Exposure to numerous worksheets, textbook exercises, definitions, exam strategies, and formula sheets
  5. Participation in four PMP exam simulations to better equip you for the exam writing regimen
  6. Assessment through initial baseline exam and periodic benchmarking exam process

Q.  Should I pursue the PMP or  CAPM accreditation?

A.  If you feel you can document the 4500 hours of project experience (leading and directing project tasks), then i would suggest that you pursue the PMP.  It is true that many employers are seeking the PMP designation.  The CAPM is designed for new grads that do not have the experience yet seek the PMP methodology and professional accreditation. A free spreadsheet is available on this website for the purposes of documenting your project hours.

Q.  What exactly are the accreditation requirements for the PMP?

A.  In order to qualify to write the accreditation exam, you must be invited by the PMI.  The three steps process is:

Firstly, you must have submitted your work experience.  (4500 hours of project experiences if you have an undergraduate degree, otherwise 7500 hours.  Also understand that your application could be audited so it is best that you be truthful and that you have any supporting documentation available.  Applicants will often use previous project schedules, emails, calendar appointments, project charters as sources for their project experience backup.  You must also sign off that you agree to comply with the PMI code of ethics.

Secondly, you must pay the exam fee of approx $405 US for PMP, otherwise $225 US for CAPM

Thirdly, you must have completed up to 35 hours of project management course work.  If you have never taken a project management course, it is highly recommended to students that they take a course at an intro level to give them a flavour for the knowledge areas and process groups within the PMP framework.  And of course, this course qualifies for the educational contact hours as prescribed by PMI.


Q.  Where can I learn more about PMP credential and eligibility requirements?

A.  www.pmi.org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/AboutCredentialsPMP.aspx

PMI CREDENTIAL FAQ – See:  http://www.pmi.org/Certification/Certification-FAQ.aspx

Q. How can I learn more about SmartPM special offers and products?

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